Tides of War Q & A

Posted April 8, 2011

You are known as a writer of non-fiction. Is this your first novel? How did the decision to write fiction come about? Yes, it is the first novel I have written; but I was trained in English Literature, and have … read more


Goodbooks (article title tbc)

Posted April 8, 2011

We shot this picture not in my study, which was turned upside down by decorating, but in the sitting room. Our house was built in 1826. It’s a typical¬† four storey London townhouse, remarkable only for the fact that the … read more


Biography and Modernity: Some Thoughts on Origins

Posted April 8, 2011

Published in Writing Lives. Biography and Textuality, Identity and Representation in early Modern England, Kevin Sharpe and Steven N. Zwicker eds, Oxford University Press, 2008. Stella Tillyard At the beginning of Society and Sentiment, his book about history writing in … read more


The Regency; Splendour and Uncertainty

Posted April 7, 2011

His hair was left uncut and combed over his shoulders, he was dressed in a simple cotton shift as if it was always bedtime; he was a flute and harpsichord player who sometimes sat and hammered out well-known tunes, but … read more